534 Uandi Road



Property Features

Property ID: 3370883

Land Size
8992114.97 m2

Size Does Matter! 2222 acres, 200+ breeders + water!

Size Does Matter! 2222 acres, 200+ breeders + water!

Yep you read right, 2222 acres! That?s 899 ha in the new money. Either way you write it, it?s big. Plenty big enough to run 210 breeders in fact. The property is divided into 18 paddocks with 18 dams and 4 springs. Approx. 350 acres is suitable for cultivation. Vegetation ranges from blue grass, digit, winter clover, ironbark and boxwood.

There is a 78 meg dam with license and an additional 60 meg license to make sure the animals are watered. Bracker and Oaky Creeks run through the property and there?s a natural lagoon teaming with wildlife plus one of the dams is stocked with fish!

A 4 bed timber home makes up the primary residence with an additional 12 bed demountable building catering for workers. Infrastructure includes two sets of cattle yards to help with stock management, the shearing sheds, machinery sheds (big one is 50ft x 33ft) and workshop. There is also the option to lease out the demountable building with entertainment area to a nearby plum orchard!

All this is only 3.5hrs to Brisbane so well within driving distance for the weekend. Sold as a complete package, perfect for farming or tourism.

Property Code: 1044